What We Do?

We help organizations solve their problems of managing remotely distributed data by simplifying, automating, integrating and compressing the entire data-to-decision cycle in real time, at a fraction of their existing cost.

How We Are Different?

  • Our Unique Platform based Approach Reduces Entire Development Lifecycle By 80-90% as compared to the Conventional Software Development Processes.
  • Real-time 360 degree view of distributed data to help organisations take faster decision and action.
  • Already gone through various testing cycles to provide Bug Free, Proven and Highly Mature solution that save 80-90% of cost and time.
  • Quality, Integrity and Consistency of remotely collected data with Zero data loss and High data protection.
  • We Secure All Data Communication Channel using our own Master Device Management(MDM).
  • SaaS based Easy Deployment with Zero investement model which helps all the customers including low budget ones.

Who can get Benefitted ?

Any Organization, whose business is constrained by workflow and decision latency as it faces challenges with Visibility, Communication, Integration, Monitoring and Analysis of Distributed Processess and Data in Real Time.

Our Presence in Sectors So Far



A complete platform solution for Assets used in existing or devloping infrastructure which provide features like GIS based network diagramming,asset tagging, asset movement/tracking, Inventory and all others activities which are required to manage the entire infratstructure development, monitoring and maintenance and integration with other external systems like ERP, SAP or any other existingnlegacy systems.



A complete platform solution for integrating various loan related activities like loan survey, loan origination, KYC collection, field visits, collection/recovery, attendance, GIS based tracking and integration with external systems like HRMS and core banking systems etc.



Integrated various Agriculture Projects, Fund Movement connecting with Market Place, Agricultural Laboratories, Lending Agencies, Banks.



Our platform helps to design survey form, profiling, cleansing, reporting, analytics, live tracking and real time integration with other applications.



A system to track the entire life cycle of the legal matters and make it complete Paperless Case Management for the Lawyers. It provide features like Track Cases, Clients, Judgement, Document Management, Legal Searches, Account Management, Case References based searches.



A Platform solution for Connecting all the Department of the Hospitals/Nursing homes/Clinics which includes Various Processes like Out Patient activities, In Patient activities, Patient Registration, Tracking,Lab Test, Pharma Care, Billing, OT, Accounting etc.



Unique Hybrid Accounting Platform for Complete Book Keeping, Balance Sheet Generation, P&L, GST Reports and all other Accounting Features.



Mobile based Trip Management for Corporate Car Rental, Point to Point and Employee Transport System.

Map Existing Processes

Identifying the Various Data Generation, Data Collection,Creation in various Department of the Enterprise both Manual and Auomated Mode

Define Input Patterns

Defining different kinds of Data Flow, Metadata of Data Pattern.

Define Both Manual and Automated Real time Communication

Data Management & View

Integrate all the incoming Data from the various Data Sources provide various Data Views.

Associate Work Flows, GIS Web Views, Data Cleansing, Data Profiling. Various Types of Web Services.

Analyse and Reports

Provide various types of Graphs , Charts and Reports which can be custom , predefined or user configurable in nature

Monitor & Integrate

Monitor Data in Real Time and Integrate with other external systems.

Features like Enterprise Data, Attendence, Tracking, Configurable System Alerts and all other generated data , can be integrate with existing software system like HRMS, ERP, Core Banking System, SAP.